. . . This story is told with intrigue, pathos , humour, love and accuracy from personal and first hand eye witness experiences. The characters are all finely drawn, their attributes and faults clearly portrayed. The whole story moves at a fast pace through individual incidents and experiences. The locations of the actions are exotic and out of the way places for most of us and all the more intriguing because of this - places like Siberia, Manchuria, Vladivostok, Harbin, Tientsin, Shanghai, the Philippines.

. . . There is wit throughout - excitement and expectation too - and I report it as a first class story (real) and an excellent read. Recommended to all.

. . . Family histories can be tedious but I defy you to put this book down once you have started reading.

. . . Nash has a clever technique which propels you forward with him and you are tantalisingly drawn to discover what is going to happen next.

. . . When you consider Nash is speaking of family members, he is refreshingly honest.

. . . The book is rich in detail and the copious photographs really add to the sense of identity with the characters and locations.

. . . The way he has portrayed each member of the family, their strengths and their weaknesses, brought them to life so that, not only were they believable, but one could visualise their individual contributions to this saga.

. . . It would be nice to think that an enterprising producer might think that there is enough meat and drama in The Tarasov Saga to provide the basis for a film or TV series. It certainly has all the ingredients.

. . . You've just got to read this book for its humour, sadness and strength of character exhibited, culminating in a happy ending.

. . . It is at once funny, sad, and informative. Most of all it is a very human story of ordinary people caught in extraordinary events. I loved it.

. . . There was always an undercurrent of wonderful Russian humour and approach to life. I find this the most appealing side of the whole tragic story.

. . . Fascinating stuff - read it and you will be entertained and amazed at the courage and adventures.

. . . The Tarasov Saga is a gripping tale of upheaval and endurance, courage and determination which will keep you reading through the night.

. . . The photographs enhance the sense of time and place so that the reader almost becomes part of the family.

 . . . The Tarasov Saga is a gripping read

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